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Oil Painting


It's lovely, thank you!

Samuel Smith - UK

That is absolutely amazing and so much better than I could have imagined. I can’t wait to get it, that is perfect, thank you!

Shivani Sehgal Mohinta - London

Very happy with it!

Stuart Tully - London


Steve Minett - London


John Cartlidge - London


Shivani Sehgal Mohinta - London

Very happy with this!

Rup Sekhon - London


Rup Sekhon - London


Ian Riva - London

I love it, absolutely fantastic, my wife will be over the moon. We will be back for more paintings!

Cerys Jones - UK

Thank you for all your help! I cannot wait to see the painting when it arrives.

V D Wharmsby - UK

I think it's perfect!

Malgorzata Szwabowicz - UK

Yes, looks great! :)

Susan Nolan - UK

It looks fab!

Susan Kelly - UK

Amazing Work!

Louise Carson - UK

It looks amazing. Really good. I'm really pleased. So nice to see the real thing.

Tomas O'Toole - London

I am very happy, thanks!

Malgorzata Szwabowicz - London

Looks perfect to me!!

Crystal Szczerbicka - UK

That's absolutely amazing!!! I nearly cried when I saw it! Thank you so much.


It's great! Thank you, love it!

Elliott Jack - London

wow.. I absolutely love it.. It's incredible.. I love everything about it.. I can’t stop looking at it.. Thank you so much.. I’m so excited to see her face when she sees it.. I think the hairtyle's fine.. .. It works as she has long hair..

Shivani Sehgal Mohinta - London

It looks much better, more real and just the way I had pictured it in my head. So, thank you very much for making it happen!

Thomas Collins - Longfield

Beautiful and I love the eyes, just perfect!

Venessa Kuvok - Scotland

I absolutely love the painting. Please pass my gratitude to the artist, I'm amazed at the way he has captured all the small details, specially the facial expressions of my kids, which make it look so realistic. This photo has a special place in my heart and the painting is everything I want it to be. My family is so happy, this will sit proudly in our living room!

Scott Macintosh - Wales

Special moments captured in a very special way. This was a 1st anniversary gift for my wife and she was thrilled!

Chris Ward - London

This is exactly what I had in mind, it looks so pure and beautiful, thank you so much!

Client - London

The painting looks good! I am excited to see the final result, Thank you!

Howard Raw - Cheltenham

I'm so happy with the latest picture. It's exactly what I wanted!!

Sid Nahar - London

This is my favorite photograph, I wanted to surprise my wife on her birthday and decided to get an oil portrait done. This is exactly like the photo I sent, even better I think. She loved it, thanks a ton!

Daniel Smith - Chicago

The Canvas Talk did an awesome job turning this photo into a painting. I only sent one photo for reference but I wish I had sent more! The painting from photo looks just like the photo, right down to the colors and tiniest details

Joanna Todur

.This was a gift for my sister, I wasn't sure about the photo initially, but the artist did a great job and changed the background as requested. I'm very happy!

David Trucker - London

They took time to ship this to me, but I'm very happy with the painting, it looks stunning.

Greg Peterson - Bournemouth

.Very happy with the outcome, it has been captured so beautifully, every detail in place, Thank you!

Peter McCartney - Solihul

I wanted to gift something special to my wife, we are very happy with this painting, she was thrilled!

Asish Mondal - India

Honorary Painting of the PM of India made by one of our artist

Acrylic Painting

Gregory Turner - Devon

The painting looks excellent! Very happy with it. Thank you.

Linda Brash - Maidenhead

It's perfect!

Olukorede Aiyegbusi - London

Very happy with the painting!

Tomas O'Toole

I'm very happy with this!

Scott Murray - London

Thank You! My partner is very happy with painting!!

Andrea Denver - USA

I love it! This is perfect :)

Cathy Law - Ireland

I didn't want a typical painting, I wanted something different, varied and cool! I explained my vision to the artist and he made this stunning pet portrait!

Rita Dey - Calcutta

This is a stunning look alike of my sister's photo, many thanks to the artist!

Pooja Jain - London

Wanted to gift this to my favorite blogger, it's a lovely painting, looks even better in-front of my eyes!

Charcoal Painting

Sean Osborne - UK

This is perfect, thank you!

Faraz Akram - Farringdon

Good work!

Fiona Shepherd - London

This is great!

Fiona Shepherd - London

This is great!

Gillian Cassidy - Paisley, UK

So so happy with picture so far, actually cried when I opened the attachment. It is definitely good to go!

Itai Haboucha - London

Beautiful, very happy!

Neil Colligan - Windsor

Thank you very much and it looks great!

Kim Vella - Andover

This is perfect, thank you!

Chris Hall - UK

Very Happy!

Megan Smith - Bridgewater

Thank you. I love it!

Sarah Wilkinson - London

Wow thank you for this, it is stunning and please pass on my gratitude to the artist.

Frances Hunter - London

I think it looks fantastic. It really looks like her. Many thanks.

Amber Sehar - London

Love it, absolutely perfect!

Elliott Jack

Thank you, It looks brilliant, I'm very happy and my parents loved it!

Sam Swain - London

I received this as a gift by a dear friend, absolutely loved it, very detailed and realistic!

Shuchita Saraswat - London

This was a gift for a very dear friend in my office and he was thrilled to receive it!

Suzzane Spiegoski - Decamps

It's beautiful, thank you so much!

Rajiv Agarwal - Delhi

This is literally perfect. I'm extremely happy with the quality and service of your product and will recommend it to all.

Meena Joshi - Indore

This is perfect, your artist has done a beautiful job!

Rajiv Mehra - Chester

The sketch is so detailed, it looks almost real. Thanks for the brilliant job and you have a wonderful customer service team!

Julia Lewis - Goa

.I love this! Thank you so much. I ordered this as a present for my sister on her 16th birthday, she was so surprised. The artist did a wonderful job and I received this sketch within a week!

Peter Scott - London

This was a surprise for my wife, she absolutely loved it!

Ritwik Gupta - Cheltenham

Lovely realistic work by your artist! Thank you!